Paintings by Kelly Potter






Kelly's contest this past year (2012) to select four paintings to be made into notecards was a huge success. Although nobody chose all four of the favorites, everyone got at least one of the favorites and several people got two of the favorites. Three people got 3 out of 4 favorites, and the first of those three people to send in her vote was Diana Davis. Diana wins the free set of note cards. The other three people who selected 3 out of 4 were Rachel Davis, Trish Kinney and Amy McCormack. Rachel, Trish and Amy will each receive one of their favorites as a prize. Congratulations!

Thank you for helping us choose the most popular of Kelly's paintings to be turned into note cards. The sets of cards will be available for purchase December 1, 2012. Three of the cards will be the overwhelming winners listed below as well as the fourth or fifth choice:
#18 Fog On Marsh was just one vote behind. Just in case the printer states that we can't do World Is a Window front to back because it is too long and skinny, we will substitute Fog On Marsh as the fourth note card.

Thank you everyone for participating. Also, thanks to all of you who so kindly updated us on your lives. It's been a lot of fun. We will share with you by updating Kelly's web site so you will get to enjoy the updates on everyone too.


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