Paintings by Kelly Potter






Kelly has a distinctive style in her art work. There are always gently curving lines included in her work. The colors are complex. The designs completely original; it is difficult to tell if she was inspired by Miro or Cezanne or others. Certainly she knew artists and techniques used by other artists. Although there is a smattering of paint, a distorted reality, depth and dimension perhaps used by others, the art is determinedly only hers.

There is a quality of nature and "aliveness" to her work. She had a lot to say through her art work and, judging by the unmuddied colors and flowing shapes, she felt a necessity to get the images out of herself and to us in a burst of creativity.

The subjects are not belabored. She was very familiar with them whether they be fishlike, mountainous, celestial, or internal. She wanted us to enjoy and share the experience with her.

The message is not even disturbed with a signature, though her unmistakable signature is the curl of her hair appearing in every painting and sketch. And in case we didn't "get it" she encouraged us with a few succinct words, "the world is a window...and you're not stuck inside." Live life to the fullest. That is what Kelly painted.

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