Paintings by Kelly Potter





Limited Edition Giclée
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# Title/Description
1 Fish, flower, bubble blower
2 Forest with river
3 Boy with dog
4 Blue flower on yellow
5 Light blue trees

6 Green on white
7 Black & dark green metallic
8 Blue flower on hot pink
9 Blue & purple flower on light yellow

10 Purply flower bud, yellow stem on d. green
11 Purlple, green & turquoise bubbles
12 Tan sun with gray pearls, white background
13 "Comet on the Ocean"
14 "The First" red and yellow
15 Pink and green swirly
16 Red and green, yellow eye
17 "Moonlit Hills" green mtns, dark blue sky
18 "Fog on Marsh" l. blue with white swirly
19 Green, yellow, brown landscape w/3 vert.
20 Royal blue volcanoes
21 Pledge Class 2000 Composite (group effort)
22 Red sky, yellow sun, pink surf

23 Blue, green, lavender flower
24 Man torso sketch
25 Gargoyle on building watercolor
26 Yellow fish, dark green background

27 Tree on slatted wood, white background
28 Pastel green fish with bubbles
29 Green and yellow bold swirly
30 "The World is a Window

31 Pencil sketch of #1 Fish flower & bubble
32 Orange fish, green background
33 L. Blue fish, rust background, green corner

34 "Lighthouse"
35 Pink bulb, blue bubbles, green background
36 Green, blue, yellow with green curl, red
37 "Alice in Wonderland
" (Self Portrait)



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