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Kelly Potter Memorial Aviation Scholarship

Florida Institute of Technology

First Scholarship Recipient (2007)
November 7, 2007 Allison Navia sat down to lunch with Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech) scholarship officer Janet Mitchell, scholarship initiator Sue Potter (mother of the scholarship honoree) and scholarship donor Mary Webster (aunt of scholarship honoree). Dick Potter, Kelly's father, was not able to attend. It was a momentous occasion, just two years after the passing of Kelly Potter from lymphoma leukemia.

Allison Navia was awarded $1,000 as the first recipient of the Kelly Potter Memorial Aviation Scholarship at Florida Tech. Dr. Thomas Utley of the Aviation Department at Florida Tech made an excellent choice. This is Allison's fourth and final year at Florida Tech. During the school year Allison lives with and takes care of her grandmother. In the summertime she is home in Fryeburg, Maine, working at the airport. (See Allison's essay and photo)

Second Scholarship Recipient (2008)
Meet Mikaela Lunday, the 2008 recipient of the Kelly Potter Memorial Florida Tech Aviation Scholarship. Mikaela came to Florida Institute of Technology from Salinas, California in 2005 as a freshman, the same year a mass e-mail went out to the campus asking people to remember Kelly in prayer while she was struggling with cancer. As part of the IVCF (Intervarsity Christian Fellowship) Mikaela got together with other members and prayed for her, even though Mikaela did not know Kelly.

Upon notification that she had received the Kelly Potter scholarship, Mikaela said, “my heart nearly jumped for joy and I couldn’t keep from smiling the rest of the day. The scholarship couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time to help advance my career by helping me complete my Commercial License.” Mikaela did her internship with American Airlines in Dallas last spring and was able to fly all over the U.S. She returned to Florida Tech in August and plans to do her multi-engine training and air taxi and then graduate in December 2009. Her goal is to become a missionary pilot, but first she must pay off her debts and get 12 credits in bible/missions classes, so it will probably be 5-10 years before she actually gets out in the field. The tsunami that hit southeast Asia on her birthday in 2004 which killed thousands of people that triggered her heart to become a missionary pilot. She commented, “I find no greater joy in life than serving the poor, and I really felt like God was calling me to do that my senior year of high school.”

Congratulations Mikaela! Kelly would be proud of you and we are all glad you received Kelly’s scholarship. Best wishes to you always.
The Potter Family

Third Scholarship Recipient (2009)
(To be announced shortly)

Thanks to all of you who contributed to the Kelly Potter Memorial Aviation Scholarship at Florida Tech to make this dream a reality to honor and remember Kelly. The scholarship is funded through donations and through the sale of Kelly’s paintings, available on line in the Prints section

In memory of Kelly Potter’s May 21, 1981 birthday, the Potter family launched a contest which ended this past May, 2008. Check back often as plans call for this to become an annual event. The details can be found Here




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